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A Comparative Guide to Alternative Investment Opportunities for Holistic Wealth Management

by Sandeep Kumar

One of the key drivers of the boom in wealth management has been the rise of alternative investment funds (AIFs), essentially either structured products, cryptocurrencies, thematic funds, real estate funds, private debts, and other such, where HNIs make sophisticated bets on new investing strategies, unlike the conventional world of mutual funds that are used by millions of small investors.

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UiPath: On the Path to a Blockbuster IPO?

by Sandeep Kumar

UiPath is likely to launch its IPO soon with shares in the price range of $52-$54 bringing the valuation to the range of $26.90 – $27.90 Billion. This brings the EV/Revenue multiple of the Robotic Process Automation giant to 45.88x, which is unlike any of its industry competitors. Will the IPO ride along in the current IPO wave or will it disappoint. Read on to find out!

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