Security Tokens: The next big trend which will revolutionize the Private Markets

by Sandeep Kumar

With the total Security Token market crossing $1 Bn in total volumes in July 2021, the discussion around how security tokens can transform and enable access to otherwise inaccessible private markets has been growing. Owing to the outstanding benefits, there has been increasing adoption of STO in both public and private markets, so much so that some expect it to even outperform the traditional markets in the next 5–10 years.

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Popular SaaS metrics to consider while investing in a Tech Venture

by Sandeep Kumar

SaaS metrics can answer important questions about your venture: Do I have the right business model? Is this the time to accelerate growth or to hit the brakes? Do I need to add new customers or focus on the existing ones? Should I add that new pricing level the products guy has been pestering me about? Is there really a limit to how much my venture can grow? Can it be changed?

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