Coinbase is a US-based cryptocurrency secure exchange that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. It offers products for both institutional clients and retail clients.The platform provides trading and storage services for 58...

Coinbase IPO: $100 Billion listing, will the momentum continue for the crypto giant?

by Sandeep Kumar
An NFT is an on-chain token of an off-chain asset. At the most bare-bones, it is a social contract between the asset creator and the surrounding community. So, what makes it different from a crypto currency and what is this fuss about non fungibility. An NFT is a...

NFT: An Opportunistic Future or a Bubble?

by Sandeep Kumar
"SPAC popularity has quadrupled in the past year or two and is bringing a new wave in the investment sector, especially the celebrity engagement in the world SPAC worked as the icing on the cake. This uncertain bubble is growing huge, as the bubble of uncertainty."...

SPAC – Building a Bubble of Uncertainty

by Sandeep Kumar
"The stock might be valued at around 45x forward revenue at the mean of this valuation, which would be among the highest multiple for valuations in the entire tech industry" Imagine we told you that in the coming week you could invest in a company which has carved out...

Project Management Simplified?

by Sandeep Kumar
"U.S. IPOs are having a busy week as 21 companies are expected to price their offerings raising more than $10 billion combined in the coming weeks." 23 new IPOs were listed at NYSE and Nasdaq combined, making it one of busiest week in Wall street in last few years....

Wall Street’s dream week, crazy week for the IPO market

by tradmin
"We built this platform to create a differentiated experience, and that is what we are going to provide." In my erstwhile career as a Digital Consultant with first Accenture Digital and then Mckinsey, I have had the privilege of building Digital Banks and Fintech...

What is the motivation behind Torre Capital?

by tradmin
"Listing gains are likely to be capped by reputation concerns around an otherwise enviable product stack" Palantir IPO: Exercise extreme caution, may not be as smooth sailing as other recent tech IPOs We believe that Palantir might continue to make winning bids for...

Palantir Pre-IPO Analysis

by tradmin
"Since 93 out of the 100 largest gaming studios are Unity’s clients, more than half of all mobile computing, PC and console games on the market are made using Unity’s platform." Unity IPO lists on 17th Sep 2020, one of the many in an avalanche of US tech IPOs to hit...

3D gaming comes of age

by tradmin

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